Remember grade school? If you weren’t lucky enough to have been taught by a “Miss Dimple”, it’s a sure bet your parents or grandparents were.

Dedicated and experienced, she could quell a disorderly upstart with a firm look, or, at most, a quiet reprimand. You didn’t argue with Miss Dimple!

It is 1942 and the United States is at war with Germany, Japan, and Italy. Young teachers, Charlie Carr and her friend, Annie Gardner, along with residents of Phoebe Fenwick’s boarding house and other quirky citizens of Elderberry, are forced to deal with the suspicious disappearance of Miss Dimple along with the hardships of World War II.

In MISS DIMPLE DISAPPEARS, decorous Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, longtime first-grade teacher at Elderberry Grammar School, has jolted and alarmed the small Georgia town by abruptly vanishing only one day after the school custodian is discovered dead.

Praise for Miss Dimple

"...This book really was a joy to read, just what my rather fried brain needed at the end of a day! I’d describe it as a good old fashioned murder mystery, you know, like the good old days before gruesome forensic science details became the norm. Calling it a murder mystery is not completely accurate as the reader is also given details of what small town America was like during the war, during rationing, and the daily lives and problems of the characters form a major part of the story. Nostalgia, charm, humour, mystery, murder, love, heartbreak and suspense – perfect ingredients. I’m just thankful that the next Miss Dimple book comes out this month!" - Tudor Book Reviews

"...details of small-town life are completely engaging. Genre veteran Ballard fills her story with wonderful characters and warm humor." - Booklist

"Why would Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, who's taught first grade for decades, suddenly leave town in the middle of the school year? Charlie Carr, once her pupil, now her colleague, is sure there's something strange about Miss Dimple's disappearance…The clues she unearths may lead her to the truth, or into serious danger. In a break from her Augusta Goodnight series, Ballard provides a nostalgic look at life in small-town America during the war." - Kirkus Reviews

"For all readers who wonder what life on the home front was like during World War II, Ballard's series launch offers plenty of wonderful nostalgia and heartbreak that only war can bring. Fans of Southern small-town cozies and World War II historicals will enjoy this." - Library Journal

"Set in 1942 nearly a year after Pearl Harbor, Ballard's intriguing first in a new cozy series opens with Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, who's been a first grade teacher at the Elderberry (Ga.) Grammar School for almost 40 years, taking an early morning stroll through the town park. But why is a car with its headlights off following her? Soon after, the body of the school janitor turns up in a storage closet. Did the janitor, who had high blood pressure, die of a heart attack--or is something more sinister going on? When someone abducts Miss Dimple, a grade-schooler Willie Elrod, who has "an inventive mind," tells his mother he saw "poor Miss Dimple being kidnapped by spies." Ballard does a good job depicting a small American town as the factories gear up for war, young men enter the service, and everyone adjusts to rationing. (Dec.)" - Publishers Weekly

"The author of the charming Augusta Goodnight mysteries, Mignon F. Ballard begins a new series located in the home front of a small-town Georgia during WWII. The background is wonderful with a deep look at Elderberry preparing for war with moms, sisters and daughters knowing some of the men joining the military will not come home. The mystery of Miss Dimple Disappears is a fun cozy as the investigation is well written, but it is the townsfolk doing their part to support the war effort that makes this a winner." - Harriet Klausner

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