Augusta Goodnight, heavenly sleuth and guardian angel, is a welcome boarder with long-time resident Lucy Nan Pilgrim in the seemingly tranquil town of Stone's Throw, South Carolina. And Augusta's appearance comes just in time. The local college is the kind of safe place where students don't even lock their doors. At least it used to be, until girls start mysteriously disappearing. When Lucy Nan makes a grizzly discovery, she and Augusta must race to discover what connects these girls. And what is the meaning of the "Jabberwocky" clues that keep turning up around campus?

It will take some heavenly help - and a little home cooking - to restore the peace of the town.

"As always, Ballard writes with warmth and sincerity, infusing her characters with considerable charm." -
Publisher's Weekly

"Mignon Ballard creates an entrancing world suffused with cozy Southern charm, female friendships and intrigue...But the best is the strawberry-scented guardian angel Augusta who adds a touch of wisdom and wit - not to mention killer desserts - to this absolutely delightful story." - Sarah Strohmeyer, author of The Cinderella Pact On the Angel and the Jabberwocky Murders

"Ballard's warmth and compassion for her characters makes this series a must for readers who like their mysteries on the cozy side." - Publisher's Weekly

"Ballard's inspiring series...deserves a golden halo." - Carolyn Hart, author of The Death on Demand Mysteries

"The graceful language and endearing characters in this series are both delicate and sturdy, like old cotton lace."
- Booklist on Too Late For Angels

“As always, Ballard writes with warmth and sincerity, infusing her characters and setting with considerable charm.” -- Publishers Weekly 10/19/06

"..... I am so excited to read that you are working on your new book "The Angel and the Jabberwocky Murders". I can't wait to read it. I have every book you have written and love them all. I hope I can....have my book signed. I look forward to the new book and again I love all your books, especially the Augusta Goodnight. Thank You So Much!!!" Reader...PC

"What order do the books go in? I just finished reading The Angel Whispered Danger and it was wonderful too! I work for a public library and came across Angel At Troublesome Creek after a patron returned the book. My Director is reading it now and my other co-workers are waiting for their turn:) I'm hooked and can't wait to read another Augusta Goodnight mystery. Thanks for writing such wonderful books..." Reader...A

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