Mignon Ballard, mystery writer

           ignon Franklin Ballard, an accomplished mystery writer, lives in Calhoun, Georgia.

Mignon F. Ballard is the author of several acclaimed mysteries. Her latest series features revered first grade teacher, Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, during the years of World War II.

This follows seven books in the popular series featuring guardian angel, Augusta Goodnight. Mignon's other books include Raven Rock, Cry at Dusk, Deadly Promise, The Widow's Woods, Final Curtain, The War in Sallie's Station - a novel about growing up in World War II - and The Christmas Cottage, an inspirational Christmas fantasy.

Mignon also wrote Aunt Matilda's Ghost, an award-winning novel for young readers, and the script and lyrics of Bandstand Tales, a musical play based on the history of Fort Mill, SC.

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Look for the fifth in the Miss Dimple Kilpatrick series in the fall of 2016 when heavenly sleuth Augusta Goodnight joins Miss Dimple and friends to help solve the murder of a mysterious young woman in MISS DIMPLE AND THE SLIGHTLY BEWILDERED ANGEL.

Snuggle up with a Christmas mystery all year long!!

....."Years before, three 12-year-old friends were inadvertently responsible for what they thought was a harmless childhood prank. Now, because of it, two of them are dead.

Someone in the small Georgia town of Harmony is guarding a treacherous secret that has lain dormant for twenty-three years. Recently widowed, young Molly Stonehouse is determined to bring it to light, as in the midst of holiday merrymaking, Christmas bells toll murder"......

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fourth in the Miss Dimple series, is available for purchase now.

Beautiful and kind, eighteen-year-old Prentice Blair was well-loved in the community. Who would have reason to take the life of this popular young woman with such a promising future?

cover of mystery book Miss Dimple Picks A Peck of Trouble When Prentice disappears from her summer job at the Peach Shed and is later found murdered, Miss Dimple Kilpatrick and her fellow amateur sleuths are determined to learn the truth behind the crime that has shocked and alarmed the small town of Elderberry.

Could there be a connection to Prentice's murder and the recent death of Leola Parker, the adored friend and housekeeper who had helped raise her?

Her longtime boyfriend, Clay Jarrett, bitter after Prentice refused his proposal, claims innocence, while reluctantly admitting that Prentice had confided to him a shocking secret. Hattie McGee swears she witnessed the abduction at the Peach Shed. She also believes she is Scarlett O'Hara; that Nazi spies are pursuing her, and she knows the location of the Confederate gold.

With war still raging in Europe and the Pacific, local townspeople deal with the constant threat of loss as their loved ones fight on foreign soil, as well as the ongoing sacrifices and rationing on the home front. But the killer doesn't reckon with Miss Dimple Kilpatrick who remembers the victim as one of her own "rosebud-like" first-graders, and is determined to see that justice is served.

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Mystery writer Mignon F Ballard, author of the Augusta Goodnight mysteries, Miss Dimple mystery series, cozys, novels and other mystery fiction books. Enjoy the new World War II Miss Dimple Kirkpatrick mystery series - Miss Dimple Disappears, Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause. Miss Dimple Suspects, Miss Dimple Picks A Peck of Trouble. Augusta Goodnight is a guardian angel in a mystery series written by author Mignon Franklin Ballard, living in Calhoun, Georgia. On this site, wwww.MignonBallard.com, you will find information about this mystery author, her book signings and appearances, and delicious recipes by Augusta Goodnight herself. The Augusta Goodnight mysteries include Angel at Troublesome Creek, An Angel to Die For, Shadow of an Angel, The Angel Whispered Danger, Too Late for Angels, The Angel and The Jabberwocky Murders, and Hark! The Herald Angel Screamed. Aunt Matilda's Ghost was an award-winning children's novel. Some other acclaimed mysteries are Raven Rock, Cry at Dusk, Minerva Cries Murder, Deadly Promise, The Widow's Woods, Final Curtain, The War in Sallie's Station. Additional works, stories by Mignon Ballard are the script and lyrics for a musical, Bandstand Tales, and The Christmas Cottage, an inspirational Christmas book. Mignon is a member of Sisters in Crime, an organization of mystery writers.